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Topic: The Road (Genes, Proteins, RNAs, and Signaling Pathways) Less Travelled in Vascular Biology

A special issue of Vessel Plus

ISSN 2574-1209 (Online)

Submission deadline: 31 Dec 2020

Guest Editor(s)

  • Dr. Ramani Ramchandran, PhD

    Department of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology, Children’s Research Institute, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, USA.

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Special Issue Introduction

The field of vascular biology has grown extensively over the last 4 decades, and our knowledge of genes, proteins and signaling pathways has also grown exponentially. The signature gene and signaling pathway that generated widespread attention include the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), which culminated in the successful therapeutics with an antibody targeting VEGF in age-related macular degeneration (wet-kind), a blurry vision condition characterized by abnormal blood vessels that are leaky. Similar to VEGF, Notch, TGF-β, and Angiopoietins/Tie are some of the widely studied and extensively reviewed topics in the literature. Although these genes and pathways that they trigger continue to remain important, more newer gene products, signaling pathways and non-coding RNAs have emerged in vascular biology that requires some attention. In an attempt to stimulate additional research endeavors in these lesser known genes, proteins and signaling pathways, and help connect concepts from these pathways into the well-established ligand/receptor signaling systems, we invite authors to contribute articles to this special issue. We have performed extensive database searches to identify some of these lesser known genes, proteins, non-coding RNAs and signaling pathways in vascular biology, and invited selected scientists who are experts in this field to contribute comprehensive reviews, which will consolidate the field of study to date. For this special issue, we also look forward to receiving original articles from the scientific community, hoping that the community finds this special issue and the collection of articles helpful in their research endeavors.


Axon guidance molecules, metabolites, metals, metabolism, angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, non-coding RNAs, intracellular, signaling pathways

Submission Deadline

31 Dec 2020

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Submission Deadline: 31 Dec 2020
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