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Meet in Beijing: The VP Editorial Team Attended the China Heart Congress (CHC) 2017 in Conjunction with The Second China Vascular Congress (CVC)

Published on: 19 Sep 2017 Viewed: 2052


From August 10 to 13, 2017, China Heart Congress (CHC) 2017 in Conjunction with The Second China Vascular Congress (CVC) was successfully held at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing. The congress, sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, China (NCCD), is the most influential academic event in the cardiovascular community of China as well as in the Asia Pacific region. The congress attracted more than 5,000 experts and scholars from all over the world to participate in the exchange. The Vessel Plus (VP) editorial team (Rui-Rui Zhang, the editorial director; Cong-Cong Wang, the managing editor) also attended the meeting, upholding the creed of academic exchange, learning, and continuously promoting the development of VP.


CHC/CVC 2017, with the theme of “Healthy Heart • Better Life - Innovation, Translation, and Cooperation”, comprehensively demonstrated the new achievements in the clinical prevention and treatment, as well as the basic research of cardiovascular diseases, and introduced the latest research developments in Translational Medicine, as well as highlighted the innovations in technological advancements, via demonstrations, with regards to cardiovascular diseases. On August 12, Prof. Guang-Hui Dong, Professor of Sun Yat-sen University and editorial board member of VP, was invited to present a report entitled "Health Effect of Air Pollution in Chinese Population" at the Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Population Prevention Subcommittee, and address the questions of experts attending the meeting. In addition, Prof. Shi-Jun Hu, deputy director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Suzhou University, and editorial board member of VP, was also invited as a moderator to host the scientific session "Stem Cells and Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine". He discussed and exchanged with attending experts for each speaker's report.

The VP editorial team, by participating in this event, listened to a series of excellent lectures from experts and exchanged the latest research results in the field. At the same time, they also let many domestic and foreign experts have a deeper understanding of the journal. During the meeting, Prof. George Geroulakos, Professor of Vascular Surgery at the Imperial College in London, expressed great interest in the journal and was willing to contribute to the future development of the journal after listening to the editor's introduction to the status and objectives of the aforementioned. Prof. Sanjay Rajagopalan, Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, UH Cleveland Medical Center; Director of CWRU Cardiovascular Research Institute; Co-Chair, Clinical Executive Committee, Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute, readily agreed to be interviewed by the VP editorial team, and explained, in detail, the editors' questions about his report "Air Pollution and Cardiometabolic Disease".


By attending this meeting, the VP editorial team further familiarized themselves with the latest research developments and hot issues in areas such as heart and vascular disease prevention, nursing and rehabilitation, and other related areas of interest, as well as developing a clearer focus on the future development of journals.

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