Professor Li-Guo Zhao, Editorial Board Member of Vessel Plus, from Loughborough University, Visited OAE Publishing Inc.’s Xi’an Office

Published on: 18 Sep 2017 Viewed: 1278

On August 18, 2017, Professor Li-Guo Zhao, Professor of Solid Mechanics at Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University, visited Xi'an Office of OAE Publishing Inc. for an exchange visit. After given a detailed presentation about Vessel Plus by the managing editor, Prof. Zhao had a clearer and more comprehensive knowledge of the journal. Prof. Zhao also discussed several issues with the editorial staff, including approaches for further development of the journal, peer review process, and website optimization. Prof. Zhao, while affirming the current achievements of the journal, also put forward many practical suggestions to improve the journal.


From the left: technology manager, Yao-Hua Gao; managing editor, Cong-Cong Wang;
Editorial Board Member, Prof. Li-Guo Zhao; the editorial director, Rui-Rui Zhang; production manager, Jun-Yao Li

Prof. Zhao suggested that the quality of manuscripts should be given priority attention, especially in the early stage of journal development. Manuscripts' quality is the basis of the development for a journal. Only through strictly reviewing and controlling the quality of manuscripts at the very beginning can the journal development be more oriented towards the long-term and lead to more promising avenues. Second, the editor must audit review comments in order to see whether the comments are accurate and effective. Providing professional, detailed review comments can promote the author's articles to their full potential and outreach. At the same time, it is also important to provide timely feedback to the author. Manuscripts' update(s) should be reported to the author in a timely fashion. Emails related to the manuscripts ought to be replied in a timely fashion as well, in order to give the author plenty of time to address concerns, revision ideas, and suggestions. Finally, Prof. Zhao proposed that the editing and typesetting of the article must be clear and unambiguous. Neat texts and clear figures will allow readers to have a pleasant and clear reading experience.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Zhao reiterated his recognition of the journal and indicated that he would continue to support the journal. He hopes the journal will never cease to improve. Vessel Plus, which is committed to the goal of establishing a reputable, and highly regarded academic journal in the field of vascular research, will step forward to achieve its goal with the guidance of four editors and the joint effort of all of the editorial board members and staff.