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The First Mini-Editorial Board Meeting of Vessel Plus was Successfully Held Online

Published on: 14 Mar 2022 Viewed: 496

The first Mini-Editorial Board Meeting of Vessel Plus was successfully held online on March 10, 2022. The meeting aimed to discuss the development plan of Vessel Plus in 2022.

Professor Alexander D. Verin, the Editor-in-Chief, hosted the meeting. The Associate Editors, Professor Carlos A. Mestres, Dr. Frank W. Sellke, Dr. Igor Sobenin, as well as the OAE Publishing Director Margie Ma and Editorial Office, also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the Editor-in-Chief Professor Alexander D. Verin and the Associate Editors discussed the development goals of Vessel Plus in 2022, including special issues, submissions, database application, etc. They also shared their opinions and ideas and reached a consensus upon the journal development plan and strategies.

In the future, the Editorial Office and the Associate Editors will work together to make Vessel Plus a high-impact journal!

Thanks for the support of the following participants to this meeting (in no particular order):

Professor Alexander D. Verin, Augusta University, USA.

Associate Editors:
Professor Carlos A. Mestres, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland;
Dr. Frank W. Sellke, Brown University, USA;
Dr. Igor Sobenin, Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex, Russia.

OAE Publishing Inc.:
Publishing Director: Margie Ma;
Vessel Plus Editorial Office: Alisa Wang, Grace Zheng.

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