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Recruitment of Junior Editorial Board Members

Published on: 25 May 2021 Viewed: 1440

To provide young scholars with an active academic exchange platform for exchanging ideas with each other and with influential experts in vascular diseases, and cultivate candidates for Editorial Board of Vessel Plus, the editorial office plans to recruit junior Editorial Board members worldwide from May 25, 2021.

The followings are qualifications, responsibilities and benefits for your reference.


1. Showing strong interest in academic publishing and having a willingness to be devoted to journal construction;
2. Under the age of 45;
3. Having some experience in editing and reviewing academic papers in English;
4. Fluent in English (both spoken and written) for successful interaction at an international level;
5. Those with the experience in attending conferences and giving speeches are preferred.


1. Publicize and promote the journal at academic conferences and among peers;
2. Participate in peer-review works of the journal and help control the publishing quality;
3. Contribute a research article or a review article to the journal;
4. Provide suggestions and guidance for the development of the journal.


1. Your contributed article will be published online totally free once accepted after peer-review;
2. An opportunity to join the Editorial Board based on your contributions to the journal;
3. We will provide travel grants for members if promoting the journal at academic conferences;
4. Many opportunities to attend academic webinars organized by the editorial office and to communicate with internationally influential researchers.

Welcome to send your CV to editorialoffice@vpjournal.net and work together to realize the establishment of an influential academic journal in the field of vascular diseases.

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