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On January 15, 2019, the 2018 Annual Report of Vessel Plus was held. During the meeting, an annual review of the development of the Journal was given by the Managing Editor Ellie Liang, to all members of the editorial office. The report reads as follows.

Under the leadership of our Editors-in-Chief Prof. Mario F. L. Gaudino, Prof. Alexander N. Orekhov, Prof. Alexander D. Verin, with the joint efforts of all the members of the Editorial Board, editorial staffs, authors, reviewers and our readers, Vessel Plus has made great progress over the past year. Till the end of the year, 41 articles have been published: including 10 articles from the special issue “State of the Art in Cardiovascular Surgery” established by our associate editor Dr. Cristiano Spadaccio, the guest editor Dr. Antonio Nenna and Dr. Sanjeet Singh Avtaar Singh; 6 articles from the special issue “Vascular Remodeling 2018:the Updates”, established by our Editors-in-Chief Prof. Alexander D. Verin, the guest editor Dr. Evgenia V. Gerasimovskaya; and other 25 articles from 2 special issues and free contribution.

The types of articles published last year and authors' countries of origin are shown in the figures below:

Figure 1: the categories of papers published

Figure 2: the country/region of the authors

Both the quantity and the quality of the articles published witnessed a stable increase and the readership of the Journal has also expanded to 167 countries which almost doubled in the past year. A great deal of recognition and support was received from readers in many countries, especially in the United States, India and Italy.

Figure 3: the readership by countries/regions

The expanding on the readership leaded a dramatic growth in our total pageviews and downloads, which increased by 191.5%, comparing with 2017. Moreover, with the rising impact, VP has been indexed by 6 databases (Google Scholar, J-Gate Chaoxing "Domain" Publishing Platform, CNKI, ResearchBib, Worldcat).

To pursuit a high quality publishing and good international reputation, VP carried out extensive international cooperation in 2018. We have established good cooperation with several vascular conferences, containing 17th World Congress on Insulin Resistance, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease, 11th Congress of the Vascular Access Society etc.

So far, the editorial team would like to thank our Editors-in-Chief, Editorial Board members, reviewers, readers, and authors of the Journal for their hard work and continuous support over the past year. 2018 marked the second year of publication of the VP, which was a flourishing year, and we have been constantly moving forward. "Publishing high-quality articles and creating highly influential journal", has always been the fundamental principle we stand on. Meanwhile, the international ethical guidelines and publishing standards as well as strict peer review processes have always been rigorously followed and the purpose of promoting medical interaction will never be forgot.

In the end, we wish our journal could prosper in the coming year, and express deepest greeting and gratitude to everyone's contribution.

Respectfully submitted by Ellie Liang, Managing Editor.